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16 Pet Owners Who Bought Cool Gifts But Were Unprepared For Their Reaction

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Pets have a very simplistic view of the world, which we, as humans, tend to forget about from time to time.

Our pets begin to copy some of our routines and personality features as they become accustomed to sharing their lives with us day after day.

This, of course, aids the story by demonstrating that these lovely tiny creatures aren’t all that different from us.

We realize how dumb and naive they are only when these funny incidents of their complete lack of understanding and misinterpretation render us helpless in the grip of our laughter.

Sometimes we overestimate the demand for supplies, or suppliers provide us the incorrect products, and things start to go wrong before our pets ever see what we’ve bought for them.

Our pets, on the other hand, go all out when it comes to being delightfully ignorant to our attempts.

We’ve assembled a selection of pet owner-captured moments of their pets’ strange and amusing reactions to thoughtfully purchased items.

1. When all you wanted was a comfy spot for your dog to sleep, and it worked out wonderfully. However, not in the way you had hoped.

Credits: 9999monkeys / Reddit

2. The owner purchased a window hammock for this cat that, in any case, enjoys peering out the window…

Credits: ArchipelagoMind / Reddit

“So glad I bought my cat a window hammock.”

3. An mechanical ball thrower order went awry.

Credits: the_smush_push / Reddit© baaabaaab***h / Reddit

“— Ordered an automatic dog ball launcher but got a tennis ball instead.
— You’re the ball launcher now.”

4. Cats are pretty innocent.

Credits: KuzyT / Pikabu

Cats are simple animals. If you provide them with a comfortable spot to rest, they will never enter it!

5. This dog was depressed while sitting in this shark bed.

Credits: SoggyWotsits / Reddit

Well, I’d say he’s a tad irritated!

6. “Don’t tell me YOU are the cat-hater in question, hooman,” that betrayed gaze appears to scream. “Don’t you dare!”

Credits: FrenchiesRule / Imgur

 “Cat-Hater’s Handbook” is the cover caption.

7. Thank you for the comfortable and warm bed, but I’d prefer not sleep in it.

Credits: deemadigan / Twitter

“Nice bed, but I certainly won’t sleep in it.”

8. At the very least, they weren’t lying about how happy their product would make your dog.

Credits: joeltb / Reddit

9. Animals such as dogs are not ungrateful.

Credits: neburvlc / Reddit

10. Expectations vs. reality when trying to make your cat look cuter

Credits: Antoine_LSTF / Reddit

11. Advertisements can be deceptive at times.

Credits: HopperBit / Reddit

12. Isn’t this at least twice as big as it is now, because, well, um?

Credits: jakkiwoo / Reddit

Our dogs are definitely a source of infinite joy and affection in our lives because of their endlessly pure character.

It gives us a great deal of pleasure to spend our money in an attempt to make their life a little easier and more enjoyable.

However, it’s amusing to witness their humorous looks when the items we buy for them don’t go as planned.

13. Oops! Maybe that’s a portion control food.

Credits: roastedbagel / Reddit

14. Your cats will always prefer the box that you were about to discard.

Credits: BYUNGHUT / Reddit

“New sofa? No, we haven’t seen it.”

15. Cats will always choose to sleep in strange places, no matter how many beds you buy.

Credits: theotherbowoon / Twitter

“I have 2 cat trees and cat beds all over the place, but my cat would rather sleep in our fake tree.”

16. This cat’s owner went above and beyond, giving cat food a whole new meaning.

Credits: KuzyT / Pikabu

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