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20 Photos of Ukrainians with their pets in the midst of the war, demonstrating the power of human-animal love

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As the awful events that have engulfed Ukraine and its people continue to unfold in the aftermath of Putin’s unexpected invasion and attack on the country, many people continue to fight their way through this horrible, life-threatening, and pointless conflict.

It’s no secret that country leaders have their own minds and have been known to get involved in similar events while ignoring the well-being and safety of common citizens.

Even while everyone expected something so horrible to happen at some point, no one wanted to believe it.

We had hoped that, in today’s world, there would be many more methods to achieve an agreement without putting people’s lives in danger, but it appears that nothing has changed, and we have been proven incorrect once again.

People nowadays have no idea what the future holds, and instead of living happy and colorful lives, innocent children are forced to deal with something so heinous.


Credits: nolanwpeterson

During these tense and tragic times, many Ukrainian civilians have been seen escaping to safety while hanging on to their beloved dogs.

People from all over the country are taking refuge in subway stations that have been converted into shelters, and making their way nervously to the country’s borders in order to save their families and pets from the ongoing disaster.

Despite this, many inhabitants are unable to leave the affected areas due to the typical restrictions requiring a great number of documentation and vaccines that allow people to travel borders with their pets, and have chosen to remain in order to be with their beloved animals.

However, the European Union’s vets’ union recommended that severe entry restrictions be relaxed to allow individuals to flee to safety without having to abandon their pets, and some countries, such as Poland, Romania, and Slovakia, have already done so for Ukrainian refugees.


Credits: Lesia Smykovska

We as humans have formed an extraordinary bond with our furry companions, and abandoning them, especially in such terrible circumstances, is simply not an option for most.

Some people prefer to have only children, while others prefer to provide their children with a furry companion to grow up with – and still others are content to adopt a pair of cats and live a happy life without the huge responsibility of rearing another human being.

However, we’ve come to regard our pets as full members of the family. We love them unconditionally and care for their safety and comfort in the same way that any other parent would, thus it involves nearly as much responsibility as caring for a real baby.


Credits: ErinBurnett


Credits: Unknown

None of us fully knows how long this crisis will endure, or whether it will take a much more frightening turn. For the past several years, the globe has been dealing with yet another life-threatening calamity in the form of the pandemic, which has taken the lives of an untold number of individuals.

Everything happened so quickly, and our life began to resemble one of those horror novels about a terrible disease, where just as we thought we were getting back to our old routines, the universe startled us with a far darker chapter.

Even though we feel powerless, it’s critical that we join together, aid those in need, and use our voices to resist evil – even if it seems impossible.


Credits: Lesia Smykovska


Credits: UNICEF Moldova

It’s emotionally draining to know that people are suffering solely because those in power couldn’t reach an agreement and decided to drag us all into their immoral and destructive games.

Citizens of the impacted country have no choice but to put their lives on hold and hope for the best, waking up every morning in a state of terrible terror.

No one knows how to prevent conflicts from arising or if we will ever have a say in such matters, but we do know that as long as we remain united, the world will eventually discover its true course.


Credits: BlueParrotBooks


Credits: Lesia Smykovska


Credits: Lesia Smykovska

People all across the world are showing their support for Ukraine and its residents. Furthermore, PETA Germany plans to supply 20,000 kg of dog and cat food to the country, as well as other supplies such as blankets for humans and their animal friends who are unable to evacuate the country.


Credits: mustang_brit


Credits: Lesia Smykovska


Credits: Unknown

The National Bank of Ukraine has once again managed to launch a special fundraising account in support of Ukraine’s Armed Forces, and if you’d want to contribute monetarily, here’s the link. Let us unite to oppose injustice and remember that the good will always triumph.


Credits: LorenzoTheCat


Credits: Lesia Smykovska


Credits: Lesia Smykovska


Credits: Lesia Smykovska


Credits: Lesia Smykovska


Credits: Lesia Smykovska


Credits: Unknown


Credits: Lesia Smykovska

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