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50 Adorable Stories Of Dogs Who Were Bred To Work But Failed Miserably

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National Dog Day is observed on August 26th, and we believe it is a brilliantly coined event that should be commemorated in some fashion.

The Museum of English Rural Life came up with a delightfully humorous idea to commemorate the occasion by posting pictures of dogs on Twitter.

With their objective of studying the “English countryside, its history, and its people,” the MERL decided to urge individuals to send in images of their funny canines who were bred for a certain purpose but failed horribly to fulfill it.

People instantly responded to the occasion, submitting entries of their canine breeds that turned out to be nothing more than couch potatoes, slackers, and hysterical.

To give you a greater idea of the difficulty, the Labrador Retriever was bred to catch hunted game, the Bernese Mountain Dog was bred to protect, and the Foxhound was bred to hunt down foxes.

People put a lot of effort into carefully breeding these doggos for a certain purpose, but despite their best efforts, these doggos turned out to be something quite different!

The MERL challenge was really amusing, and it resulted in some hilarious dog memes that are sure to brighten your day! So let’s get started scrolling so you can get a better idea of what’s going on.

The challenge’s formal call for entries has been posted!

Credits: helloginnybatty

2. He appears to be having more fun.

Credits: _mharvey

3. Napping is, without a doubt, an extreme sport.

Credits: morningporch

4. Garbage bags are monstrosities.

Credits: OfficialJennEm

5. For the sausages, I’ll go to any length.

Credits: olenskae

6. In his defense, a clock can be obnoxious.

Credits: Hot_Toast

7. He requires his personal space!

Credits: jnstgt

8. He is, nonetheless, really cute.

Credits: han_tame

9. That’s a bit of a stretch.

Credits: TetchyBitch

10. Warm blankets are a dog’s and a human’s dream come true.

Credits: Virtualkat101

11. Living the posh life.

Credits: MonaLisez

12. It is, however, an enjoyable pastime.

Credits: EdgeofMull

13. Armchair hunting sounds like more fun.

Credits: SlingBabies

14. He’s a very cheerful boy!

Credits: dianamahon

15. Bread is great

Credits: willboase

16. He finds himself into a lot of strange situations

Credits: rthstewart

17. It comes with a built-in bathing suit

Credits: K_Leonard_PhD

18. Certainly a difficult decision

Credits: shelbygwilliams

19. Sheep are our companions!

Credits: hkwhkw

20. The finest of naps and snobbery

Credits: troglodette

21. Cuddler with experience

Credits: cain73

22. Sunbathing

Credits: kathduck

23. Likes to take things slowly

Credits: shipperslist

24. Cuddly and warm

Credits: cai_boxer

25. Her hoomans must be near her at all times

Credits: tonchar

These adorable pups may lack command of their skills and in-bred abilities, but they have a firm grip on their owners’ hearts, as well as ours!

Sure, they may be a little spoilt but they’re just so cute and gentle that we can’t help but feel so much love for their gentle and loving personalities. There’s a lot more where these came from, so keep scrolling!

Some of these dogs were designed to be enormous, harsh, and intimidating while guarding their people, yet they can’t help but have soft personalities and shower their masters with unconditional love.

They just want to relax out with the other doggos, pop open a cold one, and slumber the day away. Can we really blame them at this point? They’re just more docile than they were supposed to be!

26. Doggo philosopher

Credits: Rachael65085980

27. In his dreams, he hunts lions

Credits: Mr_Mosnar

28. Snooze time is the best time

Credits: CiaraCostello12

29. He’s a delicate individual

Credits: MissLapere

30. It’s important to take a moment to smell the flowers

Credits: UnIambic

31. He has great taste

Credits: miss_manners_62

32. Her chew toy is also a favorite

Credits: spenshi

33. And looks dapper af

Credits: sasha_feather

34. What an outstanding gentleman

Credits: tweetasifind

35.Not for use in the water

Credits: lazydaisy2011

36. He knows how to be a floof though

Credits: Mattypriorfan

37. The friendlier, the better!

Credits: 8mpowell8

38. He’s a responsible individual

Credits: heritagegrrrl

39. Just like us!

Credits: r_sims1

40. He’s living the life perfectly

Credits: AJGardham

41.But, oh, that smile

Credits: kaitdivi

42. What a sweetie

Credits: crystaldarche

43. He has an inquisitive mind

Credits: katebenefel

44. Chilling on the beach for the momemt!

Credits: rainaepage

45. What a treat for the postal worker!

Credits: Laurie_March

46. Lazy boi

Credits: nicola_tanner

47. He enjoys both giving and receiving company!

Credits: iamnottense

48. He’s a fragile one!

Credits: AmyKWhalen

49. Cheesy

Credits: Robbawho

50. As a floofball, he left a lasting impression

Credits: MorseLibby

We can’t say we blame these pups for having a different vision of how they want to live their lives.

These sleepy boys that enjoy napping, eating, and playing with their people have a more relaxed outlook on life, and their humans have embraced them just as they are!

It’s amusing how different these dogs turned out to be, and the fearsome and commanding monsters they were meant to be are nowhere to be seen!

MERL was responsible for bringing all of these doggos together on Twitter and allowing us to see and hear about them in all of their magnificence.

Whatever way they turned out, there’s no disputing that we love them and wouldn’t alter a thing about them! They added a humorous and wonderful twist to National Dog Day, and we are eternally thankful.

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