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Thursday, November 30, 2023

A Guy Got Absolutely Shocked To Learn That His Dog Received A Speeding Ticket

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We’ve all experienced the sinking feeling that comes with learning you’ve been fined for speeding – yet you can typically only blame yourself.

A motorist in Germany recently received a speeding penalty in the mail after his vehicle was caught by a traffic camera exceeding the posted speed limit.

In light of the photographic evidence, proof of the offense and the person involved was pretty much undeniable.

However, the image obtained by the camera revealed that someone else was driving.

Credits: Armendaus03/Twitter

His small white dog was the perpetrator.

The driver’s nephew told The Dodo: “My first reaction was: ‘That can’t be real.’ I think my uncle was just as surprised.”

Had the dog, unknowing to his owner, taken the car on an unlawful joyride? That’s not entirely true.

A 50 euro speeding fine was stamped on the letter, and the photo showed his dog driving the car ahead.

He confirmed the photo was real, but despite the fact that the dog appeared to be driving the truck, he wasn’t.

The dog, however, climbed up on his lap as they drove by the traffic camera.

“Normally, the dog wears a special car belt for the safety,” the nephew explained.

Credits: Armendaus03/Twitter

“That day, my uncle forgot to put it on him, and the dog came to cuddle him [as he was driving]. The funny part is, he was in his lap for just three seconds.”

However, the time was sufficient for the dog to be papped.

His uncle might have challenged the speeding ticket, claiming that there was insufficient evidence that he was driving, but he decided to handle the fine himself.

“He paid it,” the nephew added. “But I can’t tell you what the authorities thought.”

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