A homeless man is seen preparing a lovely birthday celebration for his beloved dog


Dogs are, without a doubt, man’s best buddy. They are such devoted and loving friends, and their affection may mean the world to individuals who have so little else.

Pets have long been crucial friends for homeless people, to the point that we’ve heard of people prioritizing their dogs’ health over their own.

A homeless man was recently witnessed doing something unusual and lovely for his dog: throwing him a birthday party. And when a witness noticed the nice gesture, he felt motivated to assist.

Choco is a man’s name. For numerous years, José Luis Matos has been living on the streets of Colombia. He became homeless after fleeing an abusive household, according to The Dodo.

Choco survives on the streets because to the devotion of his two best friends: Nena and Shaggy, his dogs.

It was a random gesture of kindness to his pets that caught a spectator off guard and spread his tale throughout the world.

Choco was spotted in a park in Bucaramanga, Colombia, by a stranger who noticed the canines were wearing party hats.

Choco then began to sing, and a cake with candles was brought out. It was Shaggy’s birthday, it turned out.

Despite his limited resources, Choco decided to throw a surprise party for his beloved pet, including singing for him.

The heartwarming act was captured on tape by a stranger, and the video quickly went popular online.

People were moved by the fact that this man, despite having so little, would go out of his way to do something extra for his pets.

The stranger, like many others moved by Choco’s story, offered to assist him.

People have been providing food and supplies to Choco and his dogs, and he’s become somewhat of a celebrity in the community. People gathered to take photos with Choco and his dogs in one video:

Choco’s life appears to be starting to turn around with all of this fresh aid, and perhaps he won’t be on the streets for much longer.

Choco has stated that he wants to pursue music and create an animal refuge, according to Yahoo News Malaysia.

We’re hoping that he’ll be able to hold even bigger and better puppy birthday celebrations in the future.

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