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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

A Huge Humpback Whale Leaps Out Of The Water Next To A Fishing Boat In Once-In-A-Lifetime Footage

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Humans, nature never fails to astound us. It’s possible that you’ll see something you’ve never seen before. This will be a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

For example, imagine going on a sightseeing cruise off the coast and seeing a big humpback whale breaching the ocean just beside your boat. You must feel as though you’ve won the lottery.

Credits: Douglas Croft/Caters News

Douglas Craft, a photographer, is one example of this. When he was aboard a whale-watching boat in the Californian waters of Monterey Bay, he captured the most spectacular moments.

The massive humpback whale was seen leaping from the ocean adjacent to a fishing boat. It was right in front of the fisherman!

Credits: Douglas Croft/Caters News

From the window of his boat, Douglas captured fantastic images of the massive sea monster.

He was surprised for a few seconds by the spectacle, but he quickly grabbed his camera and snapped a photo.

Fortunately, his camera angle allowed him to obtain a better picture of the whale.

In comparison, the creature made the fishing boat appear exceedingly little.

“I went below deck to shoot from a porthole close to the waterline.” He told a news outlet, That’s what gives this amazing perspective of looking up at the whale.”

Credits: Douglas Croft/Caters News

Kate Cummings, a whale watcher who managed to capture video of the whale exploding out of the waters, also assisted Douglas.

“It was fun capturing this video. The whale had already breached multiple times much further away from the fisherman.”

“But sometimes when whales breach multiple times, they’re also heading a specific direction when they’re underwater building momentum for the next breach,” Kate told the press.

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