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A majestic lion climbs into a safari car to welcome visitors with warmest welcome

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A party of safari tourists received considerably more than they bargained for when a massive lion insisted on greeting them as warmly as possible.

A lion leapt into their van and started spreading cuddles all over the group of men and women who were visiting the now-famous Taigan Safari Park in Vilnohirsk, Crimea.

People can’t get enough of the unexpected scene that was captured on camera!

Credits: Sc Youtube/Oleg Zubkov LION-MAN

Any animal lover’s dream come true is cuddling with a gorgeous lion, but for these travelers, it was lot easier than they imagined.

They were in a safari van when a large lion they had all been admiring decided to demonstrate why they are known as gentle giants.

As a result, the large wild cat leapt into one of the tourists’ laps, while the others rushed to pet him.

Before hopping off, the gorgeous beast kept it like way until the last tourist arrived.

Credits: Sc Youtube/Oleg Zubkov LION-MAN

But Filya, as the cute lion is known, was hungry for more, so he stepped back into the car with the same goal in mind: a free session of cuddles, embraces, and kisses.

Filya, the playful lion, can’t get enough of it, so he keeps doing it until all the visitors get off the jeep(no matter how nice it sounds, a 400-pound lion embracing you isn’t exactly kind)!

One of the tourists, Angela Marie, commented, “That is just the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.” 

“I haven’t smiled this big in a while. Look at how the creation purrs and hums in pure loving energy. Amazing how when scarcity is removed, love takes over.”

Credits: Sc Youtube/Oleg Zubkov LION-MAN

Filya isn’t the first person to climb into a safari car full of visitors, as it turns out.

This enormous gentle giant adores human affection, and he appears to go to great lengths to obtain it!

In the video below, you can see more of Filya’s charming style of greeting people!

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