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A three-legged cancer-fighting dog dives in to save a newborn otter from the river

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Gus the Goldendoodle, a Minnesota native, is battling cancer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments. Due to his health issues, he had to have his right back leg amputated.

In February, doctors discovered malignancies in Gus’ leg and conducted life-saving surgery to extend the dog’s life.

The dog, however, has not been deterred by the diagnosis or therapy and continues to live his life as before.

Gus runs and plays around like he used to on our four legs, according to his owners.

Gus’ owner thought he’d lost his ability to swim, but the dog proved him wrong with a brave and unexpected act.

Credits: WCCO

Gus’s owner, Cleo Young, was swimming in the St. Croix River with her two granddaughters when she saw him leap in and swim 50 feet.

Gus’ impulsive choice to plunge into the frigid river perplexed the trio.

Gus could swim perfectly even with three legs, and he appeared to be on the lookout for something.

Gus was undeterred by the cold and determined to complete his objective. Gus was swimming back with something in his mouth not long after.

He then placed a little baby otter at the feet of his owner. Cleo and her grandchildren reacted promptly, cuddling the baby otter and cleaning away the sand.

The otter cub was then wrapped in a blanket and sent to the Minnesota Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

They were worried about making it in time before the facility closed for the day because it was a lengthy journey.

Fortunately, they arrived in time and provided the otter with the assistance it need.

The newborn otter was given critical care right away at the center.

The first 36 hours the baby otter spent with them were alarming, according to officials at the center, because the pup felt cold to the touch.

The center’s experts were unsure if the otter had aspirated water, which may have caused pneumonia.

But, after time, the puppy began to improve and is now doing much better.

“The otter is much too young to be in the water – it should still be in the den with its mom,” the center’s officials said.

The baby otter will remain in rehabilitation because no one knows where the otter pup’s den is or how far he has traveled.

The center moved him to a special facility with pools specifically for newborn otters, which could offer him with even greater care.

Gus was thanked heartily by the center for saving the baby otter, as well as Gus’ owners for raising such a nice dog.

Gus is being hailed as a neighborhood hero and is being showered with pets and gifts in recognition of his bravery.

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