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A woman saves a newborn elephant, and he now follows her around everywhere

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There are far too many instances of wildlife being removed from its natural environment and exploited for human benefit, and the number of creatures on the verge of extinction continues to rise.

It’s distressing to consider how many people believe the world’s wildlife belongs to them and is available for the taking.

Credits: BBC’s Nature’s Miracle Orphans / Youtube

But, happily, there are those who are willing to turn their lives upside down in order to conserve our lovely wildlife in multiple ways.

Meet Roxy Danckwerst, an animal hero who has spent the last two decades caring for sick and orphaned animals.

Moyo, a baby elephant that has taken over Roxy’s rescue facility and house, is her newest addition.

Rangers discovered Moyo, which means ‘of the heart,’ after she was abandoned on the banks of Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe.

Credits: BBC’s Nature’s Miracle Orphans / Youtube

She was only a few days old when she and her elephant family attempted to cross a swollen river and were drowned away.

He was transported to Roxy’s Harare rescue center, Wild is Life, where he has adjusted well to his new circumstances and follows Roxy everywhere she goes.

Because Moyo weighs 123 pounds, this isn’t the most convenient living scenario.

According to Go Animals, Roxy has fed and healed numerous newborn elephants before releasing them back into the wild, but Roxy will take a little longer because he’s afraid of everything and sick.

Credits: BBC’s Nature’s Miracle Orphans / Youtube

Roxy, an animal rescuer, slept by his side every night until he trusted her. They’re now inseparable, and he follows her around everywhere, even sleeping on the couch next to her.

In the footage below from the BBC show ‘Nature’s Miracle Orphans,’ you can see these two precious souls interacting, as well as Moyo’s love for all things silver.

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