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Abandoned Bear Has Lived With His Human Family For 23 Years After Being Adopted When He Was 3 Months Old

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Do you believe that a person and a wild bear can be friends? Some may believe that this only happens in fairy tales, but it is true, guys.

A Russian couple adopted an abandoned bear cub 23 years ago and have lived with the colossus ever since.

Credits: medvedstepan.ru

Stepan the abandoned bear was adopted by Svetlana and Yuriy Panteleenko when he was only 3 months old.

Initially, hunters found and rescued the poor cub in the woods. Stepan was in excruciating pain at the time.

Credits: medvedstepan.ru

The couple felt compelled to take the bear cub in and give him a home as a result of this.

Credits: medvedstepan.ru

It’s been 23 years since they offered a family to the motherless bear cub. Stepan has grown into a 300-pound, seven-foot-tall bear.

Credits: medvedstepan.ru

Some people may be frightened by his demeanor and physical appearance.

Stepan the bear, on the other hand, proves to be adoring and affectionate. He enjoys touching and snuggling with his humans.

Furthermore, the bear has never harmed anyone in his vicinity. He adores spending time with people.

Stepan even assists his owner with household chores such as watering plants.

Credits: medvedstepan.ru

“He loves people and is a sociable bear – despite what people might think, he is not aggressive at all. We have never been bitten by Stepan.”

One of the bear’s favorite pastimes is watching television with his mother and father. During this time, he never forgets to ask them for cuddles.

Credits: medvedstepan.ru

“Stepan likes nothing more than to cuddle up with us on the sofa at night while we’re watching television.”

Stepan is a voracious eater. Every day, he eats up to 25 kilograms of fish, eggs, and veggies. A can of condensed milk is his all-time favorite pleasure.

Credits: medvedstepan.ru

Surprisingly, the bear enjoys being on the move. He enjoys playing football and modeling for movies and photoshoots.

Credits: medvedstepan.ru

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