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After a $400 trip to the veterinarian, the man discovers that his limping dog was simply copying him out of sympathy

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When our pets appear sick or injured, it’s always a cause for concern. You’ll want to check on them and get them to the veterinarian as soon as feasible.

However, when one guy was concerned about his dog, he realized that the dog was more concerned about him — and what appeared to be an injury was actually his compassionate pet’s method of expressing solidarity with him.

Russell Jones, a Londoner, injured his ankle last year and was forced to use crutches and a cast. But then something weird happened: his dog, Billy, an 8-year-old lurcher, began limping as well.

Credits: Screenshot/ youtube

Russell was afraid that something was amiss with Billy’s foot and took him to the veterinarian the next day. The appointment, which included scans and x-rays, cost £300, or more than $400 USD… Despite this, nothing appeared to be out of order.

“He walked in normally, and when he came out they said they couldn’t find anything wrong with him,” Russell said for ITV.

Even stranger, when they got home, Billy began limping again. Then, when Russell was out, Russell’s wife Michelle captured the dog dashing around the property.

They eventually pieced together the truth: Billy was only pretending to stumble around Russell because he was on crutches!

It’s an incredible display of empathy for a dog, and it serves as a reminder of how intelligent and caring they can be. Billy decided to “limp” in solidarity with his owner when he couldn’t get around normally.

Russell recently shared a video of Billy limping alongside him, explaining the issue and saying that he “loves” his dog, despite the fact that he has racked up hundreds of dollars in unnecessary medical bills.

The video has now gained a lot of attention. While some quipped that the dog was a “con artist,” the majority of folks thought it was a sweet gesture.

“He’s a very caring dog,” Michelle eplained ITV.

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