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After Being Kicked By A Driver, A Stray Dog Returns With A Group Of Friends To Trash His Car

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One driver in China suffered the price for ignoring the admonition to let sleeping dogs lie.

So you see, this driver literally threw a sleeping dog out of his parking spot, only for it to return with a group of friends, quite unhappy.

Credits: XJZ/Quirky China News/REX/The Daily Mail

A man from Chongqing, China, has learned the importance of treating animals with respect.

A stray dog was lying in his parking spot as he went to park his car. He kicked the dog instead of gently shooing it away from his spot, not realizing he’d just made a huge mistake.

This was not a dog to be messed with. She gathered members of her pack and headed out to exact revenge after becoming enraged by the man’s behavior.

Credits: XJZ/Quirky China News/REX/The Daily Mail

They destroyed the automobile by chewing up the fenders and wipers when they returned.

The owner might not have known it was the dogs getting their retribution if it hadn’t been for an anxious neighbor who observed the gang of hooligan dogs trashing the car and took pictures.

Credits: XJZ/Quirky China News/REX/The Daily Mail

The man who kicked the dog, hopefully, learned his lesson. On social media, Chinese people praised the dogs and denounced the owner for his harsh conduct.

In China, stray dogs are occasionally rounded up and thrown into dog fights.

Animal cruelty laws do not exist in China, and anyone who harms a dog or another animal can only be charged with destroying property if the animal belongs to someone.

Credits: XJZ/Quirky China News/REX/The Daily Mail

Some may wonder if the dogs were retaliating or if they were simply acting out of a common fear of the truck.

However, anyone who has ever had a Shih Tzu poop in their shoes knows that dogs are capable of even the most petty vengeance.

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