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After claiming he was too famous to catch the bus, an EastEnders actor had his driving ban lifted

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Due to worries that he might be “recognised on public transportat” because he is “too famous,” EastEnders star Jamie Borthwick’s driving ban has been reduced.

Borthwick was given a six-month driving suspension earlier this year after being clocked doing 52mph in a 30mph zone in Romford.

Credits: BBC

On January 31, the actor, who has played Jay Brown in the popular BBC soap for 15 years, acknowledged his violation and received six points on his license as well as a £660 fine.

Because he already had six points on his license, he received a six-month driving restriction, which is the typical punishment for anyone who accumulates 12 points in three years.

Most people would wait until August to get behind the wheel again, but not the EastEnders actor.

Credits: Daily Mirror

Borthwick’s lawyer was successful in getting the driving restriction reduced from six to two months in an appeal, according to LBC.

Part of the rationale for the suspension being lifted is that the actor has successfully argued that he is “too famous” to go unnoticed on public transportation, and that “not all of those encounters have been favourable.”

The EastEnders star’s lawyer, Alex Owen, said his client was ‘paying for himself to arrange transport to and from work at a considerable cost to himself’ to prevent any unpleasant contacts with the public on buses or trains.

Credits: Alamy

Borthwick’s great uncle and his wife, according to Owen, are the closest thing the actor has to grandparents, and their terrible health requires Borthwick to drive them around.

“His uncle’s wife has around four hospital appointments a week mostly in London – too far for them to travel.” Owen explained.

“He is driving to appointments and has been told by his doctor he should not be driving.”

“His family and two sisters are all working full time or in education.”

Credits: DailyStar

“They have been managing for the past month with the great uncle’s driving getting worse.”

“In those circumstances because of his flexible working hours he’s the best person and available person to take them to appointments.”

Owen offered additional arguments, claiming that the speed restriction on the route was not stated and that if Borthwick had driven 2mph slower, he would have earned five points on his license and not been banned at all.

Credits: DigitalSpy

Mr Recorder Richard Thomas and Justice Olive Murray decided to revoke Borthwick’s six-month driving restriction and replace it with a 56-day term in light of the appeal.

They also advised the actor to “stop speeding” in the future.

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