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After more than 20 years apart, two former circus elephants reunite

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After more than two decades apart, two elephants reconnect in one of the most moving moments the animal kingdom has ever seen.

Though we, as humans, perceive animals to be so dissimilar, scenes like this demonstrate how many similarities we actually share and how similar we are.

Shirley and Jenny haven’t seen one other in 22 years, yet the two lovely souls recognize each other the moment they meet.

Everyone was moved to tears by the way they greeted each other after so many years, demonstrating how their love for each other never faded.

Despite having been through a lot over the two decades they were apart, the two elephants find the strength to thoroughly enjoy the moment they reunite.

Credits: Sc Youtube/ Marco Siebel 2015

These two gentle giants had the toughest past, as we only see the emotional moment they reconcile.

They have been compelled to perform tricks in circuses for more than 20 years with the only purpose of amusing the people who pay to watch them stage in tiny enclosures.

All of that, thankfully, came to an end after they were rescued by a group of caring individuals.

Credits: Sc Youtube/ Marco Siebel 2015

Shirley and Jenny were transferred to the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee after being rescued from their miserable circus lives.

They were emotionally reunited here! Despite their long separation, the two old friends instantly recognized each other, and their reaction stunned even the keepers.

However, as soon as they entered an open field, the scene that ensued is too wonderful to describe.

Credits: Sc Youtube/ Marco Siebel 2015

“After several minutes of touching and exploring each other, Shirley started to ROAR and I mean ROAR—Jenny joined in immediately,” Carol Buckley, the Sanctuary’s Executive Director, described the magical moment.

“The interaction was dramatic, to say the least, with both elephants trying to climb in with each other and frantically touching each other through the bars. I have never experienced anything even close to this depth of emotion.”

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