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After three men saved it from a frigid lake, a grateful kangaroo offers a handshake

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We are always delighted to see people assisting animals. It’s a thankless job because animals rarely express gratitude for a good deed.

However, some animals, like one kangaroo who gave a handshake to the guys who saved him, have a nice way of saying “thank you” to their rescuers.

A kangaroo was spotted in Canberra’s Lake Burley Griffin, according to the Daily Mail Australia. The water was said to be quite cold, and the animal was unable to escape.

The roo was subsequently rescued by two heroic bystanders who braved the icy waters.

Credits: Screenshot Facebook/CourierMail

To avoid startling the kangaroo, the men approach slowly. When they come close enough to grip its arms in an attempt to lead it to safety, the kangaroo flails its arms.

The men, though, seem unfazed and seize the animal and lead it out of the water.

Credits: Screenshot Facebook/CourierMail

A third man assists in the kangaroo’s landing on dry land and in keeping the terrified and trembling animal quiet.

Kangaroos, despite their benign appearance, may be violent if they feel threatened.

Their defenses include a powerful punch equal to a boxer’s, sharp claws, and a kick capable of disemboweling a man, according to specialists.

Fortunately, this kangaroo seemed to recognize that these men were there to assist him, and at a touching moment, he even extended his paw as if to shake hands.

Credits: Screenshot Facebook/CourierMail

The man filming the rescue is overheard saying, “Aw, he’s thanking you.”

The kangaroo was in “shock,” according to Daily Mail Australia, and took a half hour to settle down.

Onlookers say the kangaroo ultimately hopped along on its way, seemingly uninjured by the encounter, according to the Courier Mail.

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