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Thursday, June 1, 2023


Alex Pullin’s widow gives birth to their baby 16 months after he died as an Olympic snowboarder

Ellidy Vlug initially met Alex Pullin a decade ago at a gathering thrown by a mutual friend. He wasn't her typical type, yet there was something about him that drew her in. That something was what made her fall in...

Lia Thomas, a transgender swimmer, says, “I Belong On The Women’s Team.”

Lia Thomas, a transgender collegiate swimmer who competes on the women's team, has spoken out about the discrimination she has suffered. The 22-year-old University of Pennsylvania swimmer remarked in an interview with Sports Illustrated:  "I'm not a man. I'm a woman,...

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Teenager born with “Werewolf Syndrome” has hair all over him from the moment of birth

A young boy who was grown with hair covering his entire body claims he has learned to appreciate his...