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Entertaining facts that will surprise you how weird they are!

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Yes, knowing your history is essential. This includes not just the well-known figures but also the specifics of the time period in which they lived.

Even if people attempt, certain historical events can’t be reproduced because they’re so unexpected. These are the most exciting parts of history. In this article, you’ll discover ten surprising historical facts that will blow your mind.

1. As of 1989, Pepsi had the sixth-largest armed forces in the world. Russians adored Pepsi to the point that they gifted them with a submarine fleet and other military hardware since Russian currency was not widely recognised.

Credits: Canva [1, 2]

In 1959, President Dwight D. Eisenhower was eager to introduce American culture and the benefits of capitalism to the Soviet Union’s citizens. The American National Exhibition in Moscow served as a platform for showcasing the United States’ values.

The event was attended by Vice President Richard Nixon. Their argument became so heated that Pepsi’s vice president intervened and handed Khrushchev a cup of Pepsi, which he drank.

After a few years, the people of the Soviet Union wanted Pepsi goods to be available in their nation on a permanent basis. They couldn’t pay for the drink, however, since their money wasn’t accepted anywhere.

When everything else failed, Russia offered 17 submarines, a frigate, a cruiser, and a destroyer in exchange for the sweet drink. [Source]

2. The crew caps were stolen during a raid by English pirate Benjamin Hornigold on a commercial ship. According to Horningold, he was obliged to do this because his crew had gotten too intoxicated the night before and thrown their caps overboard.

Credits: Canva

Hornigold began his career as a low-level thief, doing small-scale robberies off the coast of New Providence, a well-known Bahamas island.

To assault commercial ships, he and his troops utilized small ships and sailing canoes. Hornigold rose rapidly through the ranks of the “Ranger,” the Bahamas’ most heavily equipped 30-gun sailing ship.

He also had a group of 350 ruthless guys working for him.

Credits: Canva

Hornigold and his men assaulted a merchant ship off the coast of Honduras in 1717 in order to take their hats. The frightened merchants pleaded for their lives, but Hornigold justified the loot by claiming that he and his crew had thrown their hats overboard the night before.

Hornigold permitted the merchants to continue their trip once they received the caps. Some historians believe it was just Hornigold’s method of demonstrating his authority. [Source]

3. President Andrew Jackson’s favorite parrot “Poll” was brought to the president’s burial in 1845. He, on the other hand, irritated the crowd by cursing and shouting, which he picked up from Jackson. As a result, it was not included in the funeral ceremony.

Credits: Canva

Andrew Jackson, the seventh President of the United States, had a tendency of cursing and screaming, which his pet parrot “Poll” picked up on. Jackson purchased Poll, an African grey parrot, as a present for his wife.

Following the death of his wife, Jackson took over as Poll’s caregiver.

Credits: Canva

When Jackson died in 1845, Poll was taken to the burial since it was so near to his owner. Unfortunately, the bird had to be removed from the burial ceremonies when it began cursing and shouting, as it had learnt from Jackson. [Sources: 123]

4. Famous Roman Emperor Caligula wanted to appoint his horse Incitatus a senator because he was so devoted to him. He also lavished attention on his horse, providing him with a marble stable, a purple blanket, an ivory manger, and a costly stone collar.

Credits: Canva

Caligula was a Roman emperor who was as enamored of his horse as he was of humans. Caligula’s favorite prize racehorse was Incitatus.

Caligula intended to make his horse a consul, and he planned to invite nobles to eat with him and his horse in a home with attendants to keep them entertained.

A marble stable, an ivory manger to sleep in, purple blankets, and an unique stone collar were also provided for the horse. Oats and gold flakes were given to the horse. Caligula was also said to have made his horse a priest.

Credits: Canva

Furthermore, if you lived near the stable, you had to remain completely silent the day before a race so Incitatus could focus.

Caligula was stabbed to death along with his wife and daughter before he could declare his horse a consul in the Roman Senate. [Sources: 12]

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