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In Russia, a homeless cat saves an abandoned baby boy from freezing to death

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Marsha, a friendly long-haired tabby cat, has been hailed as a hero in Obninsk, Russia, after saving a baby boy from freezing to death in the hallway.

Credits: RenTv

She keeps the baby warm by slipping into the box where the baby boy had been thrown and wrapping herself around him. Marsha worked on it for a long time.

Marsha meowed to attract the attention of a passing while keeping the youngster warm in the frigid circumstances.

Credits: RenTv

“Marsha is very placid and friendly cat, so when I heard her meowing I thought that perhaps she had injured herself because normally she would have come and said hello to me” Irina Lavrova added.

Marsha was meowing while Irina was carrying out the rubbish. She checked the cat out of the corner of her eye and was taken aback by what she saw.

Credits: RenTv

“ You can imagine my sho.ck when I saw her lying in a box next to a baby” Irina added.

They promptly summoned paramedics to assist the infant.

When paramedics arrived, they transported the baby to the hospital right away.

Credits: RenTv

Marsha was so concerned about where the baby was being taken that she ran straight behind the ambulance, meowing.

When paramedics got to the hospital, they performed a quick examination and proclaimed the infant to be fit and healthy.

According to the police, the abandoned infant is between the ages of two and three months old and has suffered no harm as a result of spending hours in the cold.

Credits: RenTv

I’m overjoyed that the baby is healthy and fit! Marsha is a true heroine! Isn’t that right? May we treat animals with kindness since they treat people with kindness.

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