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Individuals with incredible and unusual skills!

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There are a few individuals all around the globe who have remarkable superhuman powers, such as the capacity to create heat with their hands or other awesome abilities.

1. Zhou Ting-Jue, an internationally known Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Qigong grandmaster, can produce tremendous heat with his hands only. He can also stand on very thin sheets of paper and not fall.

Grandmaster of Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Qigong Zhou Ting-Jue is 89 years old. His remarkable ability to harness his inner Chi to create heat via palms of his hands has made him renowned all around the globe.

He produces a lot of heat, almost to the point of boiling. He’s also renowned for his ability to transfer his weight from his legs to his chest, allowing him to stand on a thin sheet of paper without falling.

Credits: Canva

Zhou Ting-Jue is a healer who claims that he can dissolve tumors, cure severe chronic injuries, and treat “incurable illnesses” using his Qigong therapies.

He’s worked with the Dalai Lama, members of the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team, Olympic athletes, celebrities, and dignitaries in the past. In China, he is regarded as “The Jewel of China” and “Treasure of the Nation” because of his accomplishments. [Source]

2. Daniel Kish was blinded at the age of 13 months. He trained himself to perceive the world around him using bat-like echolocation. He’s practiced his ability to hear the echo of a sharp tongue click and then decipher its message.

Daniel Kish at Thandavam Movie On Location Stills, Credits: peoples.ru

Retinoblastoma is a kind of eye cancer that Daniel Kish was born with. When he was only 13 months old, doctors removed both of his eyes to save his life.

At the age of two, Daniel began utilizing echolocation. Clicking his tongue for echolocation came naturally to him, he said. He can identify buildings from a distance of 1000 feet, trees from a distance of 30 feet, and people from a distance of six feet with this method.

Credits: peoples.ru

He can even echolocate a golf ball or a pole with a one-inch diameter nearby. Using this method, he can also distinguish between things. He can identify the difference between a pickup truck, a sedan, and an SUV with ease.

Daniel Kish is the current President of World Access for the Blind (WAFTB), a nonprofit organization that he established in 2000.

He taught echolocation to at least 500 blind youngsters all around the globe with the assistance of his organization. [Sources: 12]

3. Laurence Kim Peek, better known as Megasavant, was an autistic American who was the only savant known to science who could read two pages of a book at the same time — one with each eye. He also has a fantastic memory.

Credits: Wikipedia

The character of Raymond Babbit, played by Dustin Hoffman, is almost impossible to miss in the film “Rain Man.”

Kim Peek is well-known for his incredible memory. He began remembering things at the age of 16 to 20 months, according to his father.

He can read a whole book in an hour and retain nearly all of what he read. Reading the left page with the left eye and the right page with the right eye is one of his unique reading techniques. [Source]

4. Stephen Wiltshire, popularly known as Human Camera, is an autistic artist who has the incredible capacity to sketch any scene from memory after only viewing it once. He astounded the globe when, following a 20-minute helicopter flight above the city, he sketched a mesmerizing 19-foot-long image of New York.

Credits: Wikimedia

We need a map, GPS, or at the very least a trustworthy person to show us the map while visiting a new city.

This is due to the fact that when we visit a new location, our brain requires some time to build a mental map of it. The autistic artist Stephen Wiltshire is an exception to this norm.

He had stunned the world with his capacity to recall an incredibly complex, accurate, and detailed image of whole cities based on only a few short helicopter flights.

Credits: Wikipedia

Following a helicopter flight above Tokyo in May 2005, he sketched a 32.8-foot-long panoramic memory picture of the city, which he finished in seven days. Wiltshire produced the panoramic picture of Rome following a helicopter flight in such exquisite detail that the Pantheon’s precise number of columns was visible.

A 250-foot-long picture of New York, which is currently on display on a huge billboard at John F. Kennedy International Airport, is his longest panoramic memory sketch to date. [Source]

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