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It’s Heartwarming To See The Pure Joy On This Rescued Baby Elephant’s Face As She Takes Her First Bath

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There are an estimated 20,000 to 40,000 Asian elephants left in the wild, with roughly 3,800 in Thailand being maintained captive.

Many of these elephants are unfortunately born into the tourism industry and have never known freedom.

Baby Chaba was one of these unhappy elephants, born on May 17, 2021, at an elephant exhibition and riding camp in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

That is, until the Save Elephant Foundation (SEF) intervened to save her and provide her with a better life.

These images of a baby elephant may appear to be adorable and uplifting. However, these images also reflect the brutal reality of the cruel life that these unfortunate animals must endure.

Thailand is recognized for its beautiful beaches, distinctive temples, and historic ruins. However, the elephant entertainment sector is one of the country’s most popular tourist attractions.

Tourists from all over the world would be willing to spend a lot of money to ride elephants or watch them do stunts.

The tourism industry in the country is thriving thanks to these fascinating animals. What tourists don’t see is how inhumanely these terrible animals are treated after the show.

A Baby Elephant and Her Mother Have Been Saved From A Riding Camp.

Credits: Save Elephant Foundation

The foundation discovered that the four-month-old baby elephant was in bad health and required immediate assistance.

As a result, they arranged for the animals’ immediate release to a natural park, where they can live freely and be well cared for.

Their plea was approved on August 11, 2021, and the rescuers returned to the camp right away to save the two animals.

Originally, they were supposed to be transported by truck to Elephant Nature Park in Northern Thailand.

The mother and baby elephants, on the other hand, refused to board the truck. We can only understand their skeptical mentality after all of the brutality they’ve received from humans in the camp.

Chaba, the baby, has her first bath.

Credits: Save Elephant Foundation

The riding camp is a two-hour trek from the nature park. As a result, the rescue team determined that the elephants should be allowed to go to their destination.

They were met with a cake to commemorate their arrival in the nature park.

The baby elephant named Chaba received her first bath after enjoying their welcome treat and getting adequate rest. And you can see how much she enjoyed it from the photo.

SEF stated on Facebook, “Baby Chaba loves her little pool.” 

“She loves playing with the water and splashing around. Mom walks away while she is playing and gets a moment to relax. She is growing confident and learning so much.”

Credits: Save Elephant Foundation

The Happiness Of The Rescued Baby Elephant And Her Mother Playing In The Sand.

Credits: Save Elephant Foundation

Baby Chaba and her mother BunMa will live in a nature area where they will be free to roam and feel loved by their caregivers.

SEF tells everyone that baby Chaba is doing well and that she and her mother are enjoying life in the sanctuary with the other elephants.

The Sanctuary’s Largest Female Elephant, Baby Chaba, enjoys the company of the Sanctuary’s Largest Female Elephant.

Credits: Save Elephant Foundation

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