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Little Dog Is Overjoyed Because His Family Built A Fence Window For Him

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Dogs don’t require a lot of money or possessions to be happy; sometimes the simplest things can bring them delight.

Even if it’s as easy as digging a hole in a fence, it’s always touching when caring owners go out of their way to make their pets’ lives a bit brighter.

That was the case lately, when one adorable canine received a joyful surprise when his owners gave him a fresh perspective on life.

Alex Mcleish is the proud owner of Harry, a curious small dog. She realized her dog had “grey paint in his beard” one day, according to a Twitter threadโ€ฆ

โ€ฆand then discovered that her dog had been peering through a newly constructed fence at other dogs:

Alex told The Dodo that their garden fence was just knocked down by a storm, and her father had to replace it.

However, while the fence was being built, the space between the pickets allowed Harry to glimpse the world outside his garden in a way he had never seen before.

Because of Harry’s fascination with the outside world, Alex claims she โ€œjokingly suggestedโ€ย to her father that a window be installed in the new fence so he could continue to gaze out.

He actually did it, to her surprise: โ€œI woke up on Sunday morning and my dad was making it for him!โ€ย she told The Dodo.

Credits: Twitter/@alxmclsh

Alex’s photos show Harry loving his new view, gazing out the window to the yards beyond the fence with a wide grin on his face.

According to Alex, Harry observed her father erecting the fence and seemed to recognize it as being for him.

Credits: Twitter/@alxmclsh

Building a special window for your dog is surely going above and above, but it was evident that the effort was well worth it: Harry enjoys his new viewing point.

โ€œHe sits there for hours and will only come in when we call him,โ€ Alex eplained The Dodo.

โ€œIt definitely makes us smile seeing him watching the world go by.โ€

Credits: Twitter/@alxmclsh

What a wonderful surprise for this thankful puppy. Harry clearly enjoys his unique vantage point, which allows him to observe the world outside his own garden.

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