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Lost baby moose finds soldier in the forest and asks for help

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Normally, wild animals become agitated in the presence of humans, but when this Estonian soldier and his regiment went for a walk in the woods where they were stationed, he had the sweetest surprise.

He was approached by a newborn moose who began kissing him. The man recognized the cute little animal would be lost right away and went out of his way to save the day!

Erich Jyri Prikko had an encounter he never expected to have while participating in a military exercise on the shores of Lake Vrtsjärv in Estonia.

Erich came spotted a helpless newborn moose while walking in a nearby woodland. What he assumed was the sound of a sobbing cat turned out to be a befuddled little moose.

Credits: TheDodo

The man told The Dodo, “I heard some funny voices that reminded me a cat or a small baby.I noticed some kind of a cute animal walking towards me.”

“At first he reminded me a dog, but pretty quickly I realized it was a small baby moose trying to tell me something.”

The young animal turned out to be alone, as his mother was nowhere to be seen. Erich lied down next to a tree to console the young moose, hoping that his worried mother would return soon. Nonetheless, he did not anticipate the newborn moose’s friendliness!

“He slowly walked towards me,” Enrich explained. “He was quite shy at first, but he finally decided that I seemed to be trustworthy and came very close to me.”

Credits: TheDodo

Despite the fact that he was very loving and caring and continually kissed Enrich, the young moose appeared to be very hungry, so the good soldier decided to intervene.

He shouted for assistance, and someone arrived shortly after with a bottle of milk to feed the young moose.

“I called our veterinary office and let them know what happened,” he added. “I wanted to do more for the small calf and wanted to ask what should I do.”

Enrich had to depart after a few hours in the company of the newborn moose. But taking the lost animal with him would have made matters worse, so he left him where he was found, hoping his mother would return. Fortunately, this occurred sooner rather than later!

Credits: TheDodo

“Next morning we noticed very fresh big moose footprints that indicated that the small calf had been rescued by his mother,” Enrich added.

“I wanted the calf’s mother to find him and I was very satisfied when we found out that they really found each other.”

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