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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Members of an online group come up with the most ridiculous animal hybrids they can think up with (25 Pics)

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It’s not as if there aren’t already enough animal species on the planet… Are there, however, any?

Hybrid Animals, a Reddit community, believes there could be more. More than 120K people are part of the organization, which uses Photoshop to create unique animal hybrids by combining two different creatures.

It’s safe to say that the results are both startling and amusing.

Scroll down to view 25 of the greatest entries and weigh in on whether or not these species should exist.


Credits: ubermartin86

2. Snuck

Credits: velinder

3. Chillaphant

Credits: in-jail-out-soon

4. Golden Reseaver

Credits: -wienerpoop-

5. Irritable Bowel

Credits: damnrooster

6. Coat

Credits: supdog69


Credits: dwarf-hybrids

8. Snaken

Credits: rastroboy

9. Dummingbird

Credits: cotaary

10. Eagelephant

Credits: rastroboy

11. Meeraffe

Credits: penutbuddha

12. Reverse Wombear

Credits: ubermartin86

13. Deeropard

Credits: dwarf-hybrids

14. Guinea Bear

Credits: kickmurdersquad

15. Dowl

Credits: dclanger

16. Snaiman

Credits: dwarf-hybrids

17. Liokey

Credits: amandaharwal0

18. Doguin

Credits: dejman

19. Orangupanda

Credits: cptsasquatch

20. Foxcat

Credits: pix-cores

21. Xenomorse

Credits: rastroboy

22. Bearpacas

Credits: daft-vader

23. Pog

Credits: rastroboy

24. Flaminger

Credits: ntnthrbllshtaccount

25. Chinoodle

Credits: rastroboy

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