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No Breathing Homeless Man Was Found Guarded By Stray Dogs, He Used To Feed Them For Years

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Ismail Mohammed Hadi, a homeless Yemeni civilian, was discovered unconscious in public markets guarded by stray dogs.

They paid back their debts by guarding his (corpse) all night, waiting to be discovered, because the man used to feed these stray dogs.

Credits: Nadwa Dawsari

Hadi was discovered the next morning by some peddlers, surrounded by stray dogs, and was sent to the hospital.

The man, who spent his final years living in a little shack he built on the streets near the public market, used to go on a tour to collect restaurant leftovers to feed the dogs.

Credits: Nadwa Dawsari

This tale is swiftly spreading on social media, yet many people believe it to be fake news.

Credits: Nadwa Dawsari

There are no relevant results from a (google) search using the terms ‘Pappu Shukla Gujarat.’

After that, we did a reverse image search and discovered that the viral image was posted on Reddit on October 20 by user gevidee, who claimed that the man was Ismael Hadi, a homeless man from Yemen.

Credits: Nadwa Dawsari

He used to take in stray dogs and feed them. “He was found (dead) this morning with the dogs refusing to leave his side.” the message continued.

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