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No Matter How Many Times He Is Kicked Out From The London Supermarket, Cat Refuses To Go

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Some cats are free to do anything they want. That involves travelling to a local supermarket in the case of Olly Oliver, a six-year-old cat in London.

This cat was initially spotted in a Sainsbury’s in Brockley in November of last year.

This time, he’s haunting even more stores and passing judgment on Londoners while they go grocery shopping.

He’s pretty well-known in the area, but Sainsbury’s isn’t about to hire him as a mascot. “He lives next door and he’s in here every day, all the time,” a store spokesperson said.

Credits: JT

“He’s not allowed to be here, the staff like him, but he is a health and safety risk.”  I, for one, would like to see more establishments with frequent cat visitors.

“The cat has come back to Brockley Sainsbury’s”  one of the customers tweeted.

And he’s inspecting your products!

The stubborn feline was initially noticed in November at a Sainsbury’s shop, where he had perfected his odd routine of hanging around, being removed by security, and then strolling right back in.

The cat has been ejected out several times since then, yet he still haunts his favorite shop.

Credits: Jenny Stevens

“He lives in the house next door and he’s in here every day, all the time,” a representative for Sainsbury’s told The Telegraph. “He’s not allowed to be here.”

The cat has become something of an internet celebrity as a result of his bizarrely specific devotion, winning the title of “Animal of the Week” from Time Out London.

Credits: JT

Locals, on the other hand, know him as the friendly neighborhood illegal shop cat.

One Sainsbury’s customer posted on Facebook, “He was flat out on the mat yesterday by the door under the heated fans. Everyone was stopping to give him a tickle.”

Credits: The Cat Reviewer

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