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Officer becomes internet sensation after sharing his umbrella with stray dogs during a heavy rain

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Because there are so many stray dogs roaming the streets without a loving human to return to, it’s always uplifting to watch folks go out of their way to show these creatures some care.

Because stray dogs are without shelter, it’s extremely heartening to see people shielding them from the elements, whether it’s extreme heat or cold, or simply a wet day.

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During a recent downpour, one police officer went viral after protecting two stray dogs with his umbrella, keeping the unfortunate pups dry.

Tarun Kumar Mandal, the East Traffic Guard’s commander in Kolkata, India, was on duty at a seven-point crossing last week when he encountered some unexpected company.

It was pouring outside, and Tarun was keeping himself dry with an umbrella — which he was pleased to share with two stray dogs that came to his side:

The touching moment has since gone viral. A shot taken by photographer Sayan Chakraborty and uploaded by the Kolkata Police’s official Facebook page has been shared over 10,000 times, according to Indian Express.

It even inspired a little of fan art:

With a population of 35-40 million stray dogs, India has one of the greatest populations in the world.

According to the Indian Express, Kolkata has had its wettest September in 14 years, so it’s reasonable to assume these poor canines had been soaked for the past few weeks and were happy for the brief reprieve provided by this nice officer.

What a touching photo. We’re grateful that individuals are keeping an eye out for stray dogs and providing them with some kindness when they’re in need.

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