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Owners Shared 19 Of The Dumbest Things Their Pets Have Ever Done

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When it comes to some things, animals aren’t the smartest.

I’m not going to go on a rant about how all animals are stupid because that would be a complete falsehood. Because certain animals, as we all know, are pretty intelligent.

Even the most intellectual species, though, can have a dumb moment. Take, for example, people. We’ve all had those moments where we do something stupid and can’t understand why we did it in the first place.

In that respect, our dogs are merely reflections of ourselves. As a result, many people have decided to share the most ridiculous things their pets have done.

Nothing is off limits here, from being terrified of a single leaf to attempting to eat glass and becoming enraged when they fail. So, if you’re looking for a good laugh, scroll down and have a look for yourself.

1. Afraid of leaves

Credits: Bored Panda

My pit bull is my pet. Outside one day, I heard him growling and barking. This is out of the ordinary for him.

I was concerned because he generally just barks 1-2 times when he is ready to come inside.

When I step outdoors, he is engaged in a struggle with something. He keeps getting closer to whatever I can’t see, then growls/barks and bolts, repeating the procedure.

I cry out to him, and he comes over and whimpers for a moment before returning to his routine.

As I come closer, I expect to see a toad, a mouse, or anything else. There is only grass and a single dead leaf. He was having a 10-minute standoff with said dead leaf, it turns out.

It was just windy enough for it to rustle a little, but not enough for it to move. I reach for the leaf, and he lets out a yell as if I were in imminent danger.

I crumple up the leaf and stare at him, and he just tilts his head like “oh…” and leans in for pets.

A 50-pound pitbull is frightened of a leaf. What a moron. Source

2. Ingenius move

Credits: Bored Panda

My dog refused to come in from the front garden, so I rang the doorbell, and she dashed in, looking out the window to see who was at the door. Source

3. ‘I bring bagels as gifts’

Credits: Flickr

I awoke at 4 a.m. to the sound of my cat saying, “I’ve hunted and caught a thing.” It’s the happiest of cats’ high-pitched squeak/meow/trill/music. She was squeaking closer and closer, her voice muffled slightly by the fact that she was sprinting with her prize in her lips.

I live in an area where mice and other nasties are rare, so I believed it was her toy that she wanted to show off. She then threw a whole bag of bagels in my face. Source

4. Waiting on you

Credits: Bored Panda

My dogs stare out the front window at 4 p.m., waiting for me to return home from work.

Despite the fact that I’ve been working from home for a year, they continue to do so. Source

5. Great multitasker

Credits: Flickr

My cat is a one-of-a-kind creature. She was dashing around our wooden floor one day, experiencing the zoomies.

During this time, she decided her ear was itchy and sat down to scratch it, only to discover that her foot (the one doing the scratching) was dirty and that she needed to clean it.

The end effect was her continuously kicking herself in the face with her tongue flapping all around, and because none of her decisions entailed stopping, she spent the entire event sliding across the floor on her ass. Source

6 She farted and then looked over her shoulder, growled, and barked at her butt

Credits: Flickr

7. It was all planned

Credits: Bored Panda

When my cats fall off something and get humiliated, they instantly begin cleaning themselves, as if to say, “Yeah, I meant to do that.” Source

8. Imaginary snake

Credits: Bored Panda

Last night, when feeding my snake, she mistook the rat for herself and freaked out because she was being bitten. Source

9. Jumping for joy

Credits: Bored Panda

My goldfish gets a little too enthusiastic when it’s time to eat. It has a habit of jumping out of its dish and into my hand, where I’m holding the food…

Even though he’s a suicidal moron, I still adore that fish. Source

10. Sleepy shenanigans

Credits: Flickr

We have a large German shepherd, and one summer night a few years ago, it was oppressively humid, and thunder was unavoidable.

Doggo was dreaming and letting out the little yips and woofs, plus the legs were doing the pretend running thing in the back garden (we were having a little BBQ just me and the Mrs).

We were enjoying watching the thunder and lightning miles away over the bay when suddenly overhead there was one hell of a crack and flash, and doggo, in a semi-sleep semi-s**t scared state, charges headfirst into the side of the bouncy castle we had set up for the kids, catapulting herself off at a sideways tangent into the paddling pool, wiping out completely as she cartwheeled into the water.

She fully awoke at this point and sat in the pool, perplexed as to why she was wet and why her humans were laughing themselves silly. (She got a burger of the BBQ for her troubles in sympathy.) Source

11. Wet cat

Credits: Bored Panda

My cat must have fallen asleep on the sun-drenched garden fence and forgotten where she was. When she wakes up, she always stretches and then rolls.

She rolled right over the top of the fence and into the pond. She despises water as well. Source

12. ‘Do you wanna build a snowman?’

Credits: Bored Panda

My greyhound is no longer racing. He’s never seen much snow before, but he loves it.

Until he encountered his first snowman, that is. As greyhounds do, he began to scream as if it were the most dreadful thing in the world. Source

13. Hungry for some fruit

Credits: Bored Panda

My dog begs for a piece of fruit, eats it, and then spits it out because she doesn’t like it and wants more. Source

14. The dumb cat called Wednesday

Credits: Flickr

Wednesday is our cat, although we refer to her as Stupid more than anything else.

She’s accomplished the following in the year we’ve had her [we received her when she was 5 months old]:

-Gotten her face stuck in the mesh and rather than backing out, pushed forward until her face contorted into Joan Rivers fresh after a bad lift.
– Tried to get into multiple boxes that hadn’t even been opened yet.
– Tried to get into opened boxes in precarious places, then wonders why she’s on the floor.
– Got mad at me when her tail touched me after she hopped up on the couch where I was sitting.
– Got angry and growled repeatedly at the blinds for touching her.
– She came inside soaking wet, watched the door close, demanded it reopens, and when the weather hadn’t changed, she screamed at the indignation it was still raining.


15. Made of glass

Credits: Bored Panda

My cat nibbled a glass plate and became enraged since she couldn’t eat it, so she went to annoy the fish, falling into the tank. Source

16. Feeling lonely

Credits: Bored Panda

My cat screamed bloody murder because she believed she was alone, but when she spotted me walking out, she offered a cute little meow. Source

17 Squirrel hunting

Credits: Bored Panda

In the park, my greyhound eventually got up to a squirrel before it flew up a tree. She slowed down, sniffed it, and then just stood there watching it climb the tree. She appeared to be thoroughly disillusioned by the event.


18. Many mistakes happened

Credits: Bored Panda

Our dog took a bit to figure out how to scratch his face, and he’d wind up kicking himself in the face with his back leg over and over.

He’s become a little better at it, but he still gives himself a kick rather than a scratch now and then. Source

19. Smelling the dandelions

Credits: Bored Panda

Our dog took a bit to figure out how to scratch his face, and he’d wind up kicking himself in the face with his back leg over and over.

He’s become a little better at it, but he still gives himself a kick rather than a scratch now and then. Source

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