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People are sharing hilariously distorted animal photos taken using glasses on social media (15 Pics)

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Featuring puppies and glasses, we’ve got plenty of laughs for you today. It appears to be random, and it is.

Putting your pet’s face in front of wine glasses, reading glasses, and glass vases has recently become something of a social media trend.

Try it for yourself if you don’t trust me. Remove your glasses (or borrow mom’s chardonnay glass), set them on the table, and arrange your doggo or catto such that you can see their face straight through the centre.

The ignorant pet will make you chuckle or laugh out loud 99.9% of the time, but at this point, you should be bringing out your camera and snapping a picture.


Credits: extraterrestrialcharlie


Credits: rasta_lion


Credits: Lina____

It’s no wonder that everything pet-related is all over social media: from kittens on TikTok to doggo memes, our love for pets is a phenomena in and of itself.

YouTube alone is a never-ending source of adorable, hilarious, and just wonderful footage of any animal you have, and many of them have gone viral.

This internet trend of pets behind glass can be viewed as another twist in an online animal universe.

It encapsulates everything we appreciate about animals on the internet, and it’s both absolutely ludicrous and too funny.


Credits: MrBirb_


Credits: emmyp08


Credits: peggoins

It’s also not the first time that individuals have combined things and pets in photos for online challenges, Twitter threads, or viral jokes.

You surely recall how cats were tortured by the sight of cucumbers, or how humans used to lay bread pieces on top of their pets’ heads.

“Cats Vs. Cucumbers” and “Cat Breading” have now been included to the Know Your Meme database as some of the most popular instances of social media humor.


Credits: OCEANGlRL


Credits: OCEANGlRL


Credits: milkshookt


Credits: unvid


Credits: ichigomashimaro


Credits: mpmgmmy2


Credits: DeborahUTaunt


Credits: reddit.com


Credits: moist_potatochip

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