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People still believe these 4 amazing myths are true, surprisingly!

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Our daily lives have been hindered by these widespread myths and misunderstandings. We take excessive measures and worry when we need to be careful, and we are reckless where we don’t. We witness our ancestors following myths, and we follow these ideas, albeit we acquire little information in the process. When we’ve spent our whole lives hearing them, it gets impossible to differentiate truth from fantasy.

1. It is often thought that if you leave the house with wet hair, you will get sick.

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This theory is based on no scientific evidence. When you walk out on chilly winter evenings, though, your hair may suffer.

Another common misconception and misunderstanding is that having wet hair may make you sick. The common cold is caused by viruses, not wet hair.

As a consequence, going outside with damp hair won’t make you sick since wet hair is free of pathogens.

Because viruses are more prevalent outside, most people connect catching a cold with leaving the house with wet hair. In reality, the situation is very different. A common cold is caused by a sick individual coughing, sneezing, or blowing his or her nose.

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Going out in the cold with wet hair, on the other hand, may cause damage to your hair. Your hair is more prone to be damaged in the winter since the strands are more vulnerable when damp.

In low conditions, water molecules in the hair may expand, making them more easily breakable. [Sources: 123]

2. Leukonychia is a white patch on the nails that we interpret as a sign of nutritional insufficiency, particularly calcium deficiency.

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These little spots are completely innocuous and are produced by minor damage to the nail as it is developing. They have nothing to do with a deficit.

White patches on the nails are thought to signify a calcium or zinc deficit. This, however, is not the case.

These white patches are known as “leukonychia” and are completely safe. Leukonychia is a frequent disease that may affect both healthy and sick people.

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The most common reason for their existence is an injury induced by nail-biting or an injury during nail development. They may also be caused by allergic responses to specific chemicals, such as nail polish and hardeners, or by minor infections. [Source]

3. Seven colors make up the rainbow.

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Even within the color spectrum, there are an estimated 1 million colors that cannot be seen by the human eye. Colors we see in everyday life are just colors from the visible spectrum. The rainbow contains seven hues, according to our teachers: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. These are the visible spectrum’s hues.

The longest wavelength is red, while the shortest is violet. These seven hues, however, are not the only ones available in the globe. What about colors like pink, red, and brown?

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Aside from the seven visible hues, the rainbow contains other colors that are invisible to the naked sight. Rainbows have upwards of one million hues in a far wider spectrum than the seven we’re familiar with.

The Sun emits approximately 40% of its energy in the form of photons, which are visible to human eyes and fall in the visible portion of the light spectrum. Colors in the visible spectrum have a wavelength that lets humans perceive them. [Source]

4. By drinking specific teas or taking strange medications, you may “detox” your body from toxins and parasites.

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Detox drinks and medicines are more harmful to your health than beneficial. The majority of them are simply intended to provide energy and may cause you to urinate often.

It’s a fiction that the majority of people accept and obey without question. They cause more damage to your body than good. Although some detox drinks include just tea leaves, others may contain laxatives, strong herbs, medicines, high caffeine levels, and illicit substances like ephedra.

The components in detox teas are only intended to provide you with energy. They may also make you go to the bathroom a lot. You may lose some weight if your bladder and intestines are empty.

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The only thing you lose is water, not poisons. Detox teas are a risky method to reduce weight, since they may lead to heart attacks, seizures, and strokes.

Detox medicines may also cause drug poisoning. Constipation, diarrhea, cramps, a coating on the tongue, rashes, stomach discomfort, and bronchospasm are all side effects of some strange detox medicines. [Sources: 123]

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