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Remarkable personalities who were the Giant Trolls of their time

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There have been contentious personalities who have been referred regarded as “history’s gigantic trolls.” These trolls were the source of fun during the period before the modern world took over.

1. On April Fools Day in 1974, a 50-year-old prankster called Oliver Porky set fire to 70 rubber tires in a dormant volcano in Alaska. He planned this fake-volcano-eruption hoax for three years, waiting for a helicopter to fly the tires to the top in pristine condition so he could take a flawless photo.

Credits: hoaxes.org

Residents of Sitka witnessed a volcano in Alaska that had been inactive for 400 years spewing black smoke as though it were about to erupt on April Fools Day 1974.

A chopper was dispatched to investigate by the coast guard. The Coast Guard pilot was really laughing at what he witnessed when he spotted the region where smoke was rising.

Credits: hoaxes.org

At the volcano’s cone, a massive mound of tires was burning. “APRIL FOOL” was painted in 50-foot-high black letters beside the tires in the snow.

Following an investigation, it was discovered that Oliver Porky, a 50-year-old prankster, had burnt 70 old rubber tires in the dormant volcano.

Credits: hoaxes.org

He planned the prank for the last three years and performed it on April Fools’ Day.

He successfully carried out his volcano-eruption plan and flew to the highest point in the most precise manner possible in order to get the ideal image. [Source]

2. Theodore Hook’s prank resulted in the closure of London’s large park in 1810. He sent hundreds of letters, dozens of piano deliveries and wedding cakes, physicians, attorneys, priests, and coal to the same address and at the same time through multiple vendors. Hook was probably rolling on the floor laughing the entire time as he witnessed the absolute mess he had made of a house.

Credits: Wikimedia

Because of a wager with a friend, Theodore Hook in 1810 forced the closure of a significant portion of London. The “Berners Street Hoax” was perpetrated by him.

When he and his buddy Samuel Beazley bet that he could make any property location in London the most talked-about location in a week, it all began to take shape.

Credits: Canva

It’s technically true that he wrote hundreds of letters to various service providers including sweepers, coal dealers and cake makers as well as to clergy and dignitaries and other service providers such as priests, priests and vicars, piano vendors and fishmongers.

It was under the name of Mrs. Tottenham, who resided at 54 Berners Street, that he wrote all of these letters to them.

Credits: hoaxes.org

He requested services, guests, delivery, and support in the letter. The tiny street got extremely crowded as a result of the large number of tourists.

Because everyone turned up at the same place and at the same time, a large portion of London was shut down. Hook and his companion were undoubtedly laughing their heads off as they stood across the street, looking at the shambles they had made. [Source]

3. Zhuge Liang, a Chinese commander and great strategist, defended his town with only a ragtag army over 2,000 years ago. He simply sat outside the gates, peacefully sipping tea. When the enemy came, they suspected it was a trap and ordered a withdrawal.

Credits: Wikipedia

Zhuge Liang was a well-known Chinese statesman, military strategist, author, and innovator. At the time, he was the most accomplished military strategist.

He also wrote the book Art of War. When a 150,000-strong army chose to assault Zhuge’s village, he had no choice but to defend his town with a ragtag army of roughly 100 men.

In this life-or-death scenario, he opted to sit outside his village gates and sip tea while swinging his village gates open wide. He told his soldiers to go into hiding.

Credits: Canva

When the enemy’s army came, they thought it was all a set-up. The opposing commander issued a withdrawal order to his forces. Zhuge Liang was able to protect his village against the attackers in this manner. [Source]

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