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Rescue Puma is unable to be released into the wild, so he spent his whole life as a spoiled house cat

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Some people prefer unusual pets such as snakes and tarantulas. Have you ever imagined what it might be like to live with… a puma who believes it’s a domestic cat?

Since 2016, Messi the puma cat has lived with its adopted parents Aleksandr and Mariya Dmitriev in their residence in Penza, Russia, named after the renowned Argentine footballer.

Messi is living the life of a spoiled pet cat, which is something we all wish for.

Meet this beatiful puma that called Messi.

Credits: l_am_puma

When he was just three months old, Messi (the huge exotic cat, not the skillful and recognized pro player) was sold to a petting zoo in Penza.

Credits: l_am_puma

He was a little shorter than normal. He was suffering from health problems. He wouldn’t be able to live in a zoo.

Credits: l_am_puma

He couldn’t even live in a wildlife refuge. Staff at the petting zoo were considering putting the wild cat to sleep. That’s when Aleksandr and Mariya arrived to help the sweet cat.

Messi is a member of the Dmitriev family, which includes Aleksandr and Mariya.

Credits: l_am_puma

When the pair first met the wild animal, they felt it was “love at first sight,” according to the couple.

Credits: l_am_puma

After much deliberation regarding the ethics and logistics of maintaining such a large cat at home, they decided to purchase him.

Credits: l_am_puma

They nursed Messi back to health after bringing him back with them. Although Aleksandr and Mariya appear to be pleased with their new addition to the family, Messi does not get along with the couple’s cat Kira.

Is it possible that it’s a case of jealousy?

Messi had to be trained like a doggo, despite his owners’ nickname of “kitten.”

Credits: l_am_puma

Despite the fact that Messi is referred to as their “kitten,” caring for him is more akin to caring for a dog than a cat. I

Credits: l_am_puma

t has to be trained at a dog training center, for example. Furthermore, Messi has learned approximately ten orders (though we doubt he can score a goal)!

The Dmitrievs walk their puma (imagine the looks on their neighbors’ faces), feed it raw meat, chicken, and turkey, and bathe it in the bathtub.

Messi enjoys going for walks.

Credits: l_am_puma

When Messi became well-known on the internet, many people praised the Dmitrievs’ treatment of him.

Credits: l_am_puma

There were, however, some detractors. They advised the couple to relocate the puma to a wildlife refuge. Aleksandr and Mariya, on the other hand, believe Messi would perish in the wild.

It’s also worth noting that the couple does not advise people to domesticate pumas or other large cats, with the exception of Messi, who is unusually gentle, peaceful, and sickly.

This puma is exceptionally kind and peaceful.

Credits: l_am_puma

Our sweethearts Messi is referred to as a puma in the media. Did you know, though, that pumas go by a variety of different names?

Credits: l_am_puma

Cougars, red tigers, and mountain lions are among them. The Dmitrievs, however, have plans to adopt a leopard in addition to a puma.

Credits: l_am_puma

Because Messi is in need of a companion.

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