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Starving, abandoned dog tied to house with bungee cords was rescued from 4 young boys

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The latter contrast was demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt when four young boys in Detroit’s 7 Mile neighborhood went above and above to save a puppy in critical need of assistance.

Kenny, Kenneth, and Kevin Dancy, along with Andrew Daniels, were going about their business of assisting a local woman who was moving,when they stumbled into a situation that would have taken any adult by surprise.

They spotted an abandoned puppy bungee-tied to the rear of a house. The poor puppy was severely malnourished and suffering from exposure.

The boys were well aware that they needed to act quickly. They covered the dog in a winter coat to keep her warm before releasing her from her chains and bringing her home to feed and water her. Sparkle was her name.

While strolling Sparkle around the neighborhood, they happened to run into members of the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue.

They told the men about the dog, who thought Sparkle was suffering from mange as well.

The charity took her in for veterinary care, and in a Facebook video, the lads were dubbed “heroes” by the organization.

“You could tell they really love this dog,” the organization’s founder, Theresa Sumpter, told WDIV.

“They were protective of the dog and wanted to make sure the dog was going to a good place.”

Sparkle was tested at the shelter and it was discovered that she did not have mange. It’s possible that she’ll be adopted sooner rather than later as a result of this.

Sparkles was placed with a foster home who would give her all the attention she needed, thanks to Pet Tales Rescue, a sister organization.

Meanwhile, the four little boys, who were applauded for their kindness, went on to save two additional pets in the same neighborhood.

They were able to transport the dogs off the streets to the clinic for treatment once again thanks to Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue.

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