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The Beautiful Nicobar Pigeon Dazzles With Its Amazing Colors

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The dodo birds, like dinosaurs, no longer exist in our world, but their memory lives on in popular culture. It’s possible that we’ll never see a dodo bird in our lives. However, we still have the opportunity to witness the Nicobar pigeon, which is the closest living relative of the iconic dodo bird.

Despite the fact that these lovely pigeons are linked to the extinct Mauritius Island flightless bird, they didn’t appear anything comparable.

The Nicobar Pigeon Is The Dodo Bird’s Closest Living Relative

Credits: Flickr

The Nicobar pigeon is a small island and coastal bird that can be found from India’s Andaman and Nicobar Islands east through the Malay Archipelago to the Solomon Islands and Palau.

It is the sole extant member of the Caloenas genus, and it is thought to be the closest living relative of the extinct dodo and Rodrigues solitaire.

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The bulbous beak, dull greyish coloring, and portly frame of dodo birds distinguish them. The Nicobar pigeon, on the other hand, has a compact build, a thin pointed beak, and vivid plumage.

These island pigeons have a dark slate grey body with iridescent blue-green and copper-bronze upperparts, making them one of the most gorgeous pigeon species. Glistening neck hackles and a contrasting white tail add glitz to their lustrous feathers.

Credits: Flickr

These lovely birds may be found on India’s Nicobar Islands. Due to the lack of natural predators on the small islands, they evolved their colorful iridescent plumage.

They were able to grow colorful, brilliant plumage that set them apart from other species of pigeons or doves since they didn’t need to disguise themselves against predators.

Credits: Flickr

Aside from the fact that both species are island birds, the Nicobar pigeon and the dodo bird have a comparable extinction rate.

Unfortunately, due to hunting, habitat loss, and the introduction of non-native predators like cats and rats to their nesting islands, these magnificent ground-dwelling birds are classed as ‘near threatened.’

Credits: Flickr

It’s worth noting that these are the same reasons why the dodo bird vanished from the wild three hundred years ago. Are we going to repeat the same blunder?

Credits: Flickr
Credits: Flickr

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