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Thursday, November 30, 2023

The photobombing of a couple’s maternity photograph by a laughing horse steals the show

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From engagements to pregnancy announcements, many of us have had photoshoot sessions with our loved ones to commemorate life’s major events.

While we all want those flawlessly prepared, absolutely gorgeous shots, sometimes it’s the candid shots that stand out the most.

A sudden arrival of an animal, as is often the case, might result in some pretty humorous photo opportunities.

That was the case lately, when a horse chose to mug for the camera and steal the show during a photoshoot for a couple.

Amanda Eckstein, an Indiana mom-to-be, wanted a pleasant maternity portrait with her spouse, so she hired Cincinnati photographer Kristen Zaffiro to do it.

The couple opted to include their horses in a handful of the images throughout the session.

Kristen, on the other hand, needed some time to get the horses to pose right. “When we got to the time to do the horse pictures,” she told WJW, “They were not standing the way we had hoped they would.”

Buckshot, one of the horses, was finally turned towards the camera. All she needed now was for him to smile.

“We finally got them turned around the correct way and I said, ‘At least you could smile,’” Kristen recounted.

But she had not anticipated the horse to actually listen — until Buckshot suddenly posed for the camera with a huge, funny smile!

And the amusing photographs just kept on coming. “When I laughed, he smiled more,” Kristen explained.

The horse is laughing with his lips wide open in another beautiful photo, while Amanda gives him a look:

The couple couldn’t help but break their positions and giggle hysterically at their horse’s enormous smile as he stole the show.

“I laughed so hard!” Kristen wrote on Facebook. “Best maternity session ever.”

While those photographs were undoubtedly the most memorable of the shoot — and have already gone viral with over 200,000 Facebook views — Kristen also managed to get a few prettier shots of the couple and their horses.

Buckshot can be a riot in front of the camera, but he can also plainly switch to “serious mode” when necessary:

One of the horses nuzzles its nose on Amanda’s pregnant belly in another snap.

This couple clearly loves their horses as if they were family, and it’s so sweet that they included them in their photo shoot.

Buckshot’s reaction to the new baby must be shown, therefore they’ll have to do another photo shoot soon.

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