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The predictions of Baba Vanga for 2022

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Baba Vanga, who was born in 1911, is a well-known person around the world. A typhoon blinded her when she was only twelve years old.

Vanga is claimed to have gained superhuman intelligence as a result of this. While she was still living, she made some significant forecasts.

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St Petka of Bulgaria, Baba Vanga’s church and grave. Credits: By Todor Bozhinov / Тодор Божинов / Martyr – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Many of these were correct, including the terrorist events of September 11, 2001, Brexit, and the development of Islamic State.

She is supposed to have foretold the Chernobyl disaster as well as the death of Princess Diana.

She allegedly predicted a cure for cancer, as well as an assassination attempt on Vladimir Putin and a “dragon capturing humanity” in 2021, which some say could be a reference to China’s expanding influence.

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Credits: By originally bg:User:Пакко & Canva

In addition, the clairvoyant foresaw what will happen in 2022. According to the Mirror, there are six big events to be concerned about:

1. A rise in natural disasters

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“Severe episodes of flooding,” according to Baba, will impact Australia and a number of Asian countries, bringing more earthquakes and tsunamis.

It’s Australia’s second La Nina season in a row, and meteorologists have cautioned that back-to-back weather disasters can be much more severe, citing Cyclone Yasi and the 2011 Brisbane storms as examples.

Baba Vanga seems to be right… Source

2. A new virus will ’emerge’

Credits: Canva

This is pretty much the only thing on everyone’s mind after more than two years of coping with the Covid situation.

Baba Vanga predicted that a frozen virus discovered in Siberia would be released as a result of climate change, culminating in another pandemic. Source

3. Water is a major problem

Credits: Canva

Baba Vanga forecasts that many cities would struggle to obtain potable water as climate change accelerates and temperatures rise year after year.

For quite some time, experts have been warning and discussing about this. Source

4. The Earth will be attacked by an alien ship

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According to the mystic, aliens will also invade the globe by sending an asteroid to Earth to seek for life.

It’s likely that as soon as they arrive, they’ll begin abducting captives. Source

5. The future will be dominated by virtual reality

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People will spend more time in front of screens this year than ever before, according to clairvoyants.

Many people will go into a downward spiral as a result of their ever-increasing technological addictions, dangerously confusing fiction with reality.

Even if it sounds terrible, there’s no way of knowing for sure whether the forecasts were delivered by the mystic, who died in 1996. Her visions were never captured on film. Source

She was also completely wrong on a number of other predictions. This year, if Baba Vanga is true, will be full with fascinating events.

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