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The puppy that looks like a mix between a dog and a cat has gone viral

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“Are you a cat person or a dog person?” people frequently inquire as though you just have one option. Many animal lovers, though, have room in their hearts for both.

However, if you can only handle one pet, you may have to choose between the two… or do you think you do?

It turns out that there is one animal that manages to enjoy the best of both worlds, like a cross between a cat and a dog: the cat-dog hybrid.

This strange little fella has a dog’s face on a cat’s body, with a hint of fox—and some on the internet are saying he shifts from cat to dog depending on the photo:

Credits: Reddit

“Do you want a cat or a dog?” One Reddit user joked, “YES.”

Another stated, “Corgi mixed with a British short hair cat.”

But if you answered “dog,” you’re right: this little pup is named Dúi, and his unique look comes from a mix of rare breeds.

Hai Anh and Tuan, his owners, live with him in Vietnam. “He is a mix of a native dog breed [Hmong] and a short-legged dog called Dingo,” Hai Anh explained to The Dodo. “But I think he might have a gene mutation too.”

He not only has the appearance of a cat-dog, but he also has some wonderfully strange expressions:

It’s no surprise, then, that Di has become a worldwide internet phenomenon, both in his home nation and beyond.

“It’s been only 5 days since we created Dúi’s fan page and it now has more than 40K likes,” Hai Anh addedd. “The dog now has loads of fans both in Vietnam and around the world.”

His Facebook profile now has over 232,000 followers, which explains why he’s so ecstatic.

Di is just a normal, happy dog, despite his celebrity fame and odd appearance.

Hai Anh told Bored Panda that ,”He likes playing with both humans and dog friends. He’s so kind and amusing!”

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