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Thursday, November 30, 2023

The Woman Who Wants to Have the ‘World’s Biggest Bum’ claims she has difficulty dating

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A plastic surgery fanatic has revealed how her passion for enlarging her bum has made her love life unlucky.

A lady who spent $150,000 (£110,599) on the ‘world’s biggest bum’ says she has trouble finding love because of her ‘extreme’ appearance.

Natasha Crown, 29, of Gothenburg, recently appeared on the YouTube show  Hooked on the Look to go on a blind date and perhaps impress her future love interest with her extreme looks and attitude.

The Instagram influencer, who has over two million followers, said that she has been single for numerous years and blamed her bad luck on men finding her frightening.

‘My last relationship was seven years ago,’ Natasha added. ” I am pretty extreme, so I think people are afraid of me.”

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Natasha, a Serbian national, got her first ‘bumlift’ at the age of 20 and has since had four more, increasing her bum to astonishing proportions.

When it comes to her bum, Natasha believes that ‘the bigger, the better.’

Her desire to have the world’s largest bum, however, has forced her to put her love life on hold.

Credits: natasha_crown_official1/instagram

“It’s scary for men. You have my personality, and then you have my body and then you have everything else on top of that. It’s extreme.” she added.

 “I’m going to have the world’s biggest bum – that’s my goal and I’m going to reach it.” Natasha said of her intention to have the largest derriere.

“When I was 20-years-old, I did my first surgery and it was a BBL [Brazilian bum lift]. I did my last Brazilian bum lift one month ago, and that was fifth. And soon I will have my sixth.”

A surgeon does a Brazilian bum lift by extracting fat from one section of the body and pumping and shaping it into the bum.

Natasha was set up on a blind date on the show with a guy who claimed to being’shocked’ by the whole situation, telling the camera: “I’ve never meant a person who is famous for having the biggest bum in the world.”

Credits: natasha_crown_official1/instagram

Unfortunately, the duo did not have a romantic attraction, but Natasha was glad she had given it a try.

Natasha previously appeared on This Morning and expressed her desire for a 90-inch behind.

She added that she was on a high-carb diet to gain the 20-25kg of additional fat she needed for the procedure.

 “If you want to have a bigger bum, surgery is the next step.” she informed Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, who were stunned.

“I eat everything. Foods with a lot of carbs – pizza, pasta, hamburgers, Nutella.”

Phillip stunned Natasha by telling her that a British lady had recently died after getting a Brazilian Bum Lift, and that the treatment has one of the highest death rates among elective cosmetic surgery.

 ‘I wouldn’t say it is dangerous because it is my own fat.’ she remarked.

Despite her casual attitude about the process, Natasha admits that her parents and brother have raised concerns about her way of life.

Natasha feeds on chocolate sundaes and large meals to intentionally pile on the pounds, then gets fat taken from other parts of her body and used to further plump up her posterior.

She say: ‘People should know, that I am exercising every day I am not just eating. To maintain the muscles in the right place I am exercising. I feel healthy.

Natasha stated on the afternoon show that she doesn’t allow negativity stop her from achieving her goals.

‘I think I have more haters than more fans. I have my own website and my fans are there. I am earning money off this,’ she explained.

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