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This is Max, a 40-pound spoilt lynx from Canada

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Wild cats are naturally regarded as aggressive and dangerous animals. However, they are frequently nothing more than gentle giants.

They all have that gentle, kind nature, regardless of how fierce they appear.

They, of course, never say no to a cuddling session. After all, a cat is a cat forever!

Max, a Canadian lynx, is a gorgeous, kind, but wild feline. Even with its busy schedule, the 40-pound cat, known for its role as an educational animal ambassador, finds time to scratch.

Credits: WildlifeBernie

In 2011, the cute wild cat was born in a zoo. As a result, he had always interacted with others. However, according to his caretaker, he is neither totally domesticated nor completely wild.

Unfortunately, he would never be able to roam freely in the wild as a result of it. But that doesn’t make him any less of a spoilt cat.

“People always ask if Max could be released into the wild and the answer is no. Once an animal is born in captivity and been introduced to humans, they cannot be released,” Max’s caretaker added.

Credits: WildlifeBernie

Max does reside in an indoor confinement, unlike the domesticated cats who used to live with their human parents.

His human mother, who used to work as a zookeeper, ensures that he has all he requires.

They also recorded all of the amusing moments to post on YouTube, where Max has become a YouTube sensation.

But it’s all in the name of educating the public about how to maintain and conserve wildlife and endangered animals.

Credits: WildlifeBernie

“He’s not a pet but an animal ambassador. He has been in the public since he was 8 weeks old educating and enlightening people.”

“We really need to stop and think about what we do to our environment. We need to slow our population down and consider our carbon footprints. We need to protect our land and oceans,” Max’s mother stated on her blog.

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