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Tutus-Dressed Chickens Are A Thing, And They’re Adorable (15 Pics)

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The typical chicken isn’t known for its beauty, but because to a new fad, these agricultural birds may now peacock around the yard.

Photos of hens dressed in tutus have been circulating the internet, and we’ve all decided it’s our new favorite thing.

These muscular hens have been decorated to look stage-ready with ballet tutus, and you won’t be able to keep your clapping in check.

Check out these lovely chicken photographs below, and don’t forget to upvote your favorites!

Credits: happyhenhaven

Animals may not be able to perform complex choreography as well as people, but that does not mean they do not dance.

We can see many species dancing in nature, according to Ed Hagen, an anthropologist at Washington State University who has studied the origins of dance.

These motions can aid in the communication of critical information as well as the search for a partner. The technique of employing dance to locate a mate is known as courting, and it can even be seen in chickens.

Credits: linhssilkies
Credits: msseeberger

The University of Georgia Extension poultry scientists explain the wooing and mating of chickens as a series of events: “dropping one wing and dancing in a circle (the lowered wing will be on the inside of the circle dance).”

“The hen will crouch (dip her head and body) to indicate receptiveness to the male. The rooster will then mount the hen and grab her comb, neck feathers, or the skin on the back of her head or neck to help hold onto the hen’s back.”

Credits: fresheggsdaily
Credits:  fresheggsdaily

Tidbitting is a rooster dance in which they make noises (food calls) and move their heads up and down while picking up and dropping a piece of food.

Females prefer males who tidbit frequently and have larger, brighter combs on the crowns of their heads, according to studies.

Credits: linhssilkies
Credits: dora_the_chicken
Credits:  thimbleworks

There are 25 billion more hens on the planet than people. In addition, chickens outnumber all other bird species.

Chickens were domesticated for the first time approximately 6000 B.C. in Southern China. These birds have prehistoric ancestors and are the Tyrannosaurus Rex’s closest living relative.

Credits: thimbleworks
Credits: fresheggsdaily
Credits: thimbleworks

Chickens are far more intelligent than many people believe. They have the ability to remember over 100 different faces of people or animals, and their recollections are comparable to elephants’.

Credits: fresheggsdaily
Credits: thimbleworks

According to several studies, chickens are more intelligent than toddlers. Mathematical reasoning, self-control, and even structural engineering have all been demonstrated by hens.

Credits: thimbleworks
Credits: fresheggsdaily

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