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Vitiligo Causes A 19-year-old Pure Black Cat To Develop A Brilliant Spotted Coat

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This magnificent cat’s pure black coat has evolved into an amazing spotty pattern over the last few years. Scrappy the cat would want to say hi.

Credits: Scrappy

This is the very first image of Scrappy that was ever uploaded on the internet.

Credits: Scrappy

Senior Scrappy, now 19 years old, has transformed his once-pure dark coat into one with snowflake-like marks.

White patches began to form on his black fur when he was seven years old.

As he grew older, they became more widespread, eventually forming a white spotted pattern.

Credits: Scrappy

Scrappy was born in 1997 from a litter of five kittens and resembled any other black kitten.

Credits: Scrappy

Scrappy’s owners believe their cat suffers from Vitiligo, a disorder that causes the black coat to turn spotty white.

The pattern is very stunning, as evidenced by the profile shot.

Credits: Scrappy

Scrappy is a senior kitty who is still a kitten at heart, despite the fact that he is 19 years old.

He adores hanging out with his human father and grandmother. Napping in the warm sun of the garden is one of his favorite pastimes.

Credits: Scrappy

The loss of pigment in the skin causes vitiligo in cats, which is extremely unusual.

Scrappy, despite his odd markings, is in excellent health for his age.

Credits: Scrappy

Scrappy is the most senior cat in the home, and his feline protégés will follow in his footsteps.

Scrappy and Lily and Rose, his two adopted granddaughters.

Credits: Scrappy

With age, this extraordinarily handsome feline becomes wiser and more lovely.

Credits: Scrappy

Scrappy and his human father relax in the garden in this video.

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