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Waiting For His Left Family 4 Years At The Same Road, A Dog Never Loses Hope

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When we talk about dogs, we’re talking about loyalty. Among the numerous anecdotes demonstrating this quality, the story of Leo, the Thai dog, is another touching, yet perplexing one.

Credits: dogthailand

Leo was abandoned near a station by his owner four years ago. During that time, Leo never misses a day, returning to the same area in the hopes that his family will return.

Leo at the road waiting Credits: dogthailand

Leo lost weight and developed skin condition after being a stray dog. But, happily, a 45-year-old woman who lived nearby continued to bring meals to Leo as often as she could.

She even tried to take him home a few times, but Leo always managed to get away and sit in the same spot.

Credits: dogthailand

When Leo’s photo went viral on the internet, magic happened. A man claimed Leo resembled his long-lost dog Bon-Bon.

Hope is always on his face Credits: dogthailand

Leo was overjoyed to see his family again when they arrived. He, on the other hand, refused to leave the woman who was feeding him.

He formed an emotional attachment to the woman and decided to stay with her. Leo’s decision was thereafter respected by his previous family.

They also agreed to support the lady at Leo’s expense and to pay him visits on occasion.

Leo with his new lady Credits: dogthailand

Leo is a faithful dog who is full of devotion and gratitude, as we can see. He misses his previous humans, but he appreciates the one that assisted him.

After all, Leo is now safe and content with his new owner, who has promised to lavish him with love and happiness.

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