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When a golden dog sees his owner after a five-year absence, he rejoices and begins to cry uncontrollably

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A recent anecdote shared on Sohu, China, has dried many people’s tears.

Because he couldn’t afford to care for him, the man had to give the Golden retriever to someone else, and when he first met the dog, the former owner cried.

The man mentioned that about 5 years ago, when he had just graduated from high school, he was fortunate enough to be accepted to work in a foreign company with an ideal income.

At the time, the man rented an apartment on his own and adopted a golden retriever.

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The Golden Dog was only a few months old when he came to his new home, but he was quite intelligent, and the owner only had to educate him a few times before he was able to learn on his own.

As a result, the man develops a strong attachment to this small puppy. However, the fact that the dog is so friendly and appears to comprehend what he is saying makes him love it even more.

When he gets home from work, the dog usually wags his tail and runs over to greet him.

When he is distressed, the Golden dog becomes a spiritual support and a confidant.

Credits: Sohu

Consider how life could carry on eternally like this, yet “happy days are short and not unpleasant.”

After three years of peace, “Storms” struck. Because the money he had saved was squandered on treating his loved ones, the love story did not end well.

As a result of the brief communication, his aspirations to marry the girl he had loved for many years were also destroyed.

He was depressed as a result of the emotional trauma, and he was no longer in the mood to labor for money.

Due to his unemployment, he was no longer able to afford the high city housing rates.

He had to relocate and share a room with a buddy in another city. He couldn’t bring his dog because he couldn’t afford it.

Credits: Sohu

Finally, he donated the puppy to a friend so that it may live a happier life. According to his friend, when he initially moved into a new residence, his Golden retriever stopped eating for many days.

His friend tried unsuccessfully to contact him at the time. Fortunately, three months later, the Golden dog began to adjust and eat again.

After 5 years of hard work, his life has finally settled down. He decided to pay a visit to his friend during Tet holiday this year to see how the senior Golden Retriever was doing.

Credits: Sohu

When the Golden Dog spotted the man, he did not bark as he usually would, but instead approached him slowly.

The dog appears to have grasped that the old owner had raised him, as he wrapped his arms around his legs and began to rejoice and cry nonstop.

Everyone was moved by the Golden Dog’s reaction, but the man stayed silent out of regret.

He felt horrible since he had previously abandoned and neglected the dog. As a result, consider twice before giving your dog away or selling it to someone else, because they will be heartbroken and miss you terribly.

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