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While air raid sirens sound in Ukraine, a woman is seen comforting a cat

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Almost four weeks after Russian soldiers began their invasion of Ukraine, those who remain in the besieged country face a scenario that is just as unpredictable and dangerous as it was when it all started.

The decision is as difficult as ever for those Ukrainians who have the ability to leave the country.

Do they abandon everything in order to reach safety, or do they stay at home and strive to make things as safe as possible for people around them?

Because, while departing comes with its own set of risks, most of us can’t conceive the toll that sticking behind would have on someone.

Credits: Marcus Yam

While this indicates that many needy Ukrainians are seeking solace in their dogs’ soft fur, we can also observe that some are equally concerned about how the animals will survive the fighting.

There has been no shortage of heartbreaking photographs and videos pouring from the war-torn Ukraine in recent weeks.

But, among the pictures of devastation and dislocation, there have also been glimpses of hope and humanity.

Trey Yingst, a foreign correspondent on the ground in Ukraine, took a break from his conflict coverage on Monday to focus on a touching scenario of love and caring set against the backdrop of the besieged capital city of Kiev.

Yingst shared this video on Twitter of a young woman on the street clutching a cat in her arms, providing comfort to the animal and no doubt receiving it in return, while air raid sirens play a chilling alarm.

It’s unclear whether the woman knew the cat before or simply recently met him, but compassion isn’t restricted to pets in the face of constant bombardment.

Yingst posted another video, this time of an elderly gentleman feeding pigeons while the conflict raged around them.

“Humanity continues,” Yingst added:

Of course, these are only a few examples of acts of generosity during a difficult time for Ukrainians, and there are undoubtedly thousands others taking place every day that go unnoticed by a reporter’s camera.

In light of the present circumstances in Ukraine, rescue organizations are trying to aid animals and their owners in addition to those unsung animal lovers.

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